The History of AKT & KIX

AKT & KIX Beginnings

AKT was incorporated in 1980 in Sydney (Australia) where the principals were generally engineering consultants to the meat industry, both in Australia and Internationally.

The principals came from different disciplines. One having been an engineer with BHP prior to becoming Chief Engineer for the Western Australian Meat Commission some 10 years before AKT. Whereas his partner had served as a Systems Engineer in the computer industry for the previous eleven years specialising in industrial applications.

The concept of the KIX dehydrator was born earlier than the company’s inception. It was bred from necessity in that the W.A. crayfish industry had a waste problem with disposal of heads and shells. Experimentation to solve the problem commenced in 1976.

AKT – KIX Manufacturing & Distribution

AKT is a company that has been manufacturing world class Dehydrators now for over 40 years. During this period we have shipped over 230 export orders, while supply to the domestic market has usually only been 10% of our total annual gross return.

AKT’s focus has always been on the overseas market, with most years our export ratio being 9:1.

Our highest export effort was in 1989 when some $16 million value of machines was exported to Europe. Our efforts we were rewarded locally with receiving the inaugural Queensland Export Award.

Since even before our company’s inception in 1980, we have invested heavily in end product R&D.; It is the quality of our meals which has attracted the most attention and when this is complemented by the cost and energy efficiency of our machines we have been able to establish our technology in an unprecedented manner.

Most of our R&D; efforts have been concentrated on waste product streams, especially those emanating from processing plants, such as abattoirs, prawn factories, fish canneries and breweries. In recent times we have worked with tea drying, in Sri Lanka.

Overview of AKT & KIX Philosophy

AKT as a private company reflects the interests, ethics and ambitions of its owners absolutely.

We are, by our natures, applied researchers with an unabated hunger for greater knowledge of the characteristics of and effects on the products we attempt to process through the KIX Dehydrator. Coincidently, we are also active environmentalists and have publicly expressed our sincere concerns with exploitation of biomasses. Our research and industry applications have up to this date only concentrated on waste product streams.

The design of the KIX process is such that potentially dangerous pollutants, nuisance materials, insect contaminated or weather damaged produce or simply organic waste from canneries, breweries, abattoirs or restaurants can be converted to a fine granular meal in seconds. The meals retain a high proportion of the digestible proteins, colour and in most cases can, at the very least, be used as animal or marine feeds.

The simplicity of the technology gives it a truly competitive edge. Further, the capital investment, when sold at its usual world market price, ensures that the KIX System is by far the most economical on the market. Combining these features with the scope of the products which can be processed to commercial advantage (without exploitation) and KIX is a very corporately orientated piece of know-how.

While our motivations for ourselves may seem somewhat restrained we have a driving ambition for KIX and its utilisation for the recovery of proteinaceous materials.