AKT International Pty Ltd

A History from 1976 to 2023 of a continuous endeavour to recover nutrients from “Waste streams”

44 years 

The AKT-KIX Machine has a 44-year history of research and development in the field of organics and secondary organic waste dehydration and upcycles use AKT has done detailed comprehensive R&D and trials on over 500 organic products and minerals.  AKT has installed 300 KIX machines in 37 countries around the world.

We Challenge 

AKT challenges any other dehydrator or organic recovery system to match AKT contracted warrant that their pepsin digestibility outputs can be over 90%, or in the case with blood 98%.

Yet at the same time

With only a 5 Second contact, The KIX Machine, can sterilise, produce surface lipid complexing and enhance encapsulation which can create rumen by-pass characteristics able to support methane mitigation in some cases.

The KIX Machine’s output production can keep and retain its nutrition value comparable to freeze drying, but at a lower capital and operation cost. At no additional cost, the machine can provide gelatinisation and hydrolyzation, due to an internal capacity to generate steam explosions within the materials being processed.

All in a machine called KIX

The KIX operating performance will allow you to optimise the intrinsic values in your secondary or discharge streams by converting your problems into additional savings and revenue.

KIX performance

KIX has a small footprint, for example, if you need to remove 1000 litres of water from your secondary or organic stream, you will only need some 10m² of floor space and 7m of height. The KIX process is versatile and can treat products from seawater to whole mussel shells The KIX machine comes with a two-year warranty and based on past clients’ reviews it will give a processing life on an average of 30 years usage.

Is there a comparison to the KIX?

Yes, Spray dryer. But these require extensive pre-treatments or product stabilisation but are not yet able to warrant digestibility, unable to match freeze drying standards and coming in at, the very least 10 times the cost of a KIX.

Yet this machine offers much more……

Advanced Processing and Quality Control

  • The Push-Pull system’s 2-stage drying for higher temperature use.
  • Free Fatty Acid stabilization, FFA reduction, and Trypsin Inhibitor controls for better meal quality.
  • Extended shelf life, reduced aromas, and protected nutraceuticals resulting in improved yield.

Efficient Screening and Separation System:

  • Packaged product separation ideal for supermarket materials and super oil content meals (in excess of 40%).
  • Size and screening control with the Kombi system, coupled with roasting and palatability controls.
  • Fibre and bone separation with high efficacy.

Eco-friendly and Versatile Operations:

  • Low air emission and absence of water effluent stream besides plant wash down.
  • The choice available of using an electric burner, catering to diverse operational needs.
  • Meals with high water intake capacity, ensuring minimal wastage.

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Owners and operators of AKT

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